Paul may be right, but not for the right, Huntsman was too much the diplomat, Romney a tad insensitive…

UPDATE: I should have written in my original post that Huntsman could not get enough support or votes because he seemed just too nice. Nice guys finish last, as the old saying goes. He was an experienced diplomat. He also committed the sin, in Republican ranks these days, of working in a Democratic (Obama’s) administration (he had also worked in Republican administrations). I don’t know how nice of a guy he really was, but he seemed to carry a nice-guy persona. Worse yet, for Republicans, he was probably too open minded.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul, who is still in there slugging it out, got boos at a recent GOP debate while talking foreign policy. It seems the hecklers did not agree with his so-called Golden Rule concept, that if we put embargoes on a country they might try to do the same thing to us or retaliate in some way.

My own thinking is, yes, a lot of things we do to other countries with whom we have disagreements would be tantamount or considered acts of war if done to us.

Paul may be right, but not by current right-wing standards. He probably has a better idea of foreign policy and one that connects more closely with that of our founding fathers than anyone else.

This of course is not the 18th Century and like it or not we are the world’s super power. But there are consequences to our actions and they might not always work in our favor.

I see Newt Gingrich is supposedly making some headway, even though Mitt Romney continues to be the presumptive nominee.

Romney should not be criticized for being a rich man, but he does seem a bit isolated and insensitive on the subject, casually suggested that he “probably” pays about 15 percent in income taxes, a lot less than many wage earners, it has been reported and that he made a little money on speaking engagements, but “not much”, just about $300,000 in the past year. It’s all relative, I suppose. But do you think he could possibly relate to the average working or non-working person?

With all the infighting going on in the Republican camp, President Obama just might get that second term, or he might actually beat the competition, even if they do get it together. While Obama is a disappointment to many, including yours truly, he is not as bad as the GOP portrays him to be. I see no indication that he is turning us into a “socialist ” nation. He did push through a health care law, but it is hardly the socialized medicine that some claim, and maybe it should have been.

My previous blog post follows:

Just got the news that Jon Huntsman Jr. is out of the presidential race. Just could not get enough support.

Kind of like good Mormon, bad Mormon and we may get the bad Mormon.

No wonder we get same old, same old in politics. Your message as a candidate somehow has to fit a stale narrative. You can’t be different, and woe be it to you if you try to mix ideologies in any fashion.

Except Ron Paul with his libertarian message kind of gets away with it, but he is more of a leader of a major fringe group and wide-eyed young people searching for someone who won’t let them down like Barack Obama.

And you should be intelligent, maybe, but not too intelligent.

Actually, I don’t know what Huntsman was, except he seemed different and somewhat or a whole lot more palatable than Mitt Romney. Of course he was a Mormon, though.

Maybe Huntsman just did not want to spend all of his money and maybe he just did not have a special interest to back him up.

It is the interest groups who run our so-called democracy.


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