Advertisers drop Limbaugh, so should the Republican Party…

Far be it for me to tell the Republican Party what to do, but if I were them, I’d disavow Rush Limburger Cheese, alias Rush Limbaugh, to clear out the stink.

It seems that a dozen or so advertisers (UPDATE: as of 3-8-12: make that 40 advertisers) for his syndicated radio show have found it to be good public relations to announce they no longer are helping him pay his bills and make a profit –they’re dropping their advertising on his program.

Who knows? Maybe other advertisers will see fit to announce that although they never sponsored him they just want to let everyone know they never will?

The Republican Party would do well to essentially drop him too, instead of kowtowing to him.

Up till now (and maybe still — I don’t know), the responsible wing of the party (I think it has one) has been afraid to touch him. I think after his last outburst that may change — one would hope so.

(Shades of McCarthy, have you no common decency?)

I mean I believe in free speech as much and probably even more than many, but there are bounds for responsible people and ones who put themselves up as observers and leaders in public discourse (actually Limbaugh is just a crass showman, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize that).

A law student called for access to birth control services, I guess through her college insurance, and for that Limbaugh ridiculed her and called her on air a “slut”.

After pressure, most notably from his sponsors, he apologized, but I heard it and it seemed thin, and just saying you are sorry, and did he? does not take away what you have done — my mom used to tell me that one.

Why the Republican Party, who would like to recapture the White House, seems so hell-bent on insulting women, not to mention poor immigrants to this country (yes illegals, but people desperately searching for work while many of our own demand handouts) is beyond me. Maybe that is why I am not a Republican. But it sure does not seem like the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, or for that matter the so-called father of modern conservatism (I thought) Barry Goldwater.

I don’t have the text of one of the ex-sponsors before me, but as I recall, it said something about not wanting to be a part of bringing the public discourse down to such a low level.

The Nixon strategy of wooing Southern segregationists and then any old member of the ruder part of society just to get votes to fight the Democrats may be coming back to bite the party in the posterior.

The birth control thing:

There was a legitimate point about not forcing a religious institution to directly fund it if it was against its principles — but that can be worked out. In addition, some people believe that government has no place whatsoever in matters of birth control, such as demanding insurances cover it. On the other hand, a person has a right to voice his or her own opinion on the matter without being called vile names by a blowhard who unfortunately has had such access to the airwaves and just as unfortunately has found so many followers.

Please responsible people in the public eye, be you Republican or Democrat or neither, do not be too timid to speak out against those who would foul our important pubic discourse.


It’s kind of funny that Limbaugh so touts private enterprise or capitalism as the cure-all for everything. I mean maybe he is right. The sponsors might, or could, shut his yap.


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