Political right wing may be facing split over gay marriage and biological reality…

I think the political right wing may be facing a split in the homosexual (gay if you must) marriage issue due to biological and just plain human reality.

You see, no matter what your political philosophy or ideology is or no matter what your religious affiliation is or is not, it has now become apparent to the majority in our society that some folks are just born homosexual — they did not become that way by hanging out with the wrong crowd. We know this through observation, often of our own family members. I think you could classify homosexuality as an anomaly in biological development in the human and animal kingdom, but then again not all that uncommon.

Due to an evolution toward more liberal thinking (and maybe that should be just called “critical thinking”) homosexuals have been able to come out of the closet as they say, and this has allowed straight people to admit there are perfectly good and normal people who are also homosexual, even in their own families. That does not mean we are all comfortable with the subject or the fact.

So now the political hard right wing is faced with this and knows some of its own members may have come to accept the fact of homosexuality as something other than deviant behavior to be punished or curtailed.

That having been said, I personally think that by custom (and customs are important in a culture — although they can be changed over time) marriage is still something to be entered into by a man and a woman.

But it seems to me that right along side what we call marriage there can be (and there are in some jurisdictions) civil unions. There is a problem in that civil unions may not always have the same level of status as marriage and may not be universally recognized. They should, that is they both should have the same status and be universally recognized.

On a personal and cultural level I do not like the idea of men publicly displaying affection to one another as a man and woman would in public (and even men and women probably could stand to cool it in public, but we accept this). But I think it is not something I am going to worry a lot about. There are much more important and urgent problems to deal with.

And here is something that occurs to me: since the political right seems to think it is the friend of business, why would business want to alienate its homosexual customers?

President Obama has probably taken a wise stance in his new support of gay marriage (even though as I say I would prefer universally-recognized civil unions). Meanwhile Mitt Romney has made his stance against it. Whether he is just pandering to the evangelicals, I don’t have a clue. For that matter, Obama could be said to be pandering to the liberal element.

But it seems that the 21st Century reality is that Western society has accepted homosexuality as a reality that must be recognized.


One Response to Political right wing may be facing split over gay marriage and biological reality…

  1. jthomasin says:

    I agree. I am age 34 and I know people who are libertarian, democrat, republican, independent even anarchist punk, but most of them agree this is a non-issue, people are who they are. The only support that being anti-gay might get you is from very old or insecure people on the far right.

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