So John Edwards is a creep, we knew that, but that is not against the law; campaign finance laws may not be worth the bother..

The failure to convict John Edwards of felony campaign finance violations and the subsequent dropping of charges by the federal government just proves that it is no crime to be a slime ball, in and of itself, and probably that campaign finance laws are useless and a waste of resources (time and taxpayer money).

We already knew enough about Edwards to know that he is a creep. So don’t vote for him.

Campaign finance laws seem silly to me. For one thing, apparently they are rather vague. And for another, it is probably impossible to stop the influence of money in politics.

The time and effort and expense of the bureaucracy of campaign finance laws may not be worth it all.

It seems ludicrous that the federal government spent millions of dollars to prosecute Edwards and then had to drop the charges. Nothing was gained, a lot was lost.

If the voters paid more attention and were more discriminating in their intake of so-called news, all the money in the world could not fool them.

Democracy is hampered when people choose to remain ignorant.

While I prefer our democratic republic, I sometimes wonder what with all the voter apathy and ignorance if we would not be just as well off with a benevolent and intelligent elite running the show.


For the record, Edwards’ wife, the late Elizabeth Edwards, who succumbed to cancer, I understand was pretty strong willed and may not have been all that easy to live with.

But that does not excuse Edwards from using campaign money to finance a cover-up of the fact of his extra-marital affair and the offspring it produced (while his wife was dying of cancer).

Also, according to one story I read, some of attorney Edwdards’ so-called championing of the little guy amounted to shaking down corporations in questionable class action suits in which plaintiffs are essentially bought and paid for and the attorney gets most of the money.

While the trial may have put the final nail in the coffin of his political future (we can only hope) it was all but done for already, observers have said.


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