Pleasing to hear Obamacare upheld by the high court (even though I have been ambivalent toward it)

While I have been ambivalent about Obamacare, I found myself delighted at the word that a majority of the Supreme Court has today essentially upheld the law, to include the individual mandate.

This has to be a major victory for President Barack Obama, who made the law his signature piece of legislation for his presidency (thus far).

Now the Republicans are vowing to repeal it . It will be interesting to see where that gets them.

Seems like the Republicans would then have to explain why people should be denied health care. They’d almost have to come out and say, and some have, that if you cannot afford health care, that is your problem that you do not have enough money and cannot get insurance.

I understand the court held that the individual mandate was a tax and thus was in the purview of the federal government. That makes sense, and since taxpayers wind up paying for medical care for the indigent, especially via hospital emergency rooms, sometimes for things as minor as the common cold, but expensive nonetheless, it seems only logical that the government must raise taxes in some way.

My work duties in my real job and a low battery in this computer require me to leave it at that for now, but I am sure I will have more to add to all this soon.

ADD 1:

I found a power source and some time and hurriedly skimmed through the syllabus or summary of the court decision and offer this:

Just because you don’t agree with legislation on a partisan, ideological, philosophical, or even practical basis does not mean it is unconstitutional. And the Supremes via their arcane, dense and sometimes tricky language (sometimes a tax is a tax and not one at the same time) get to decide what is constitutional.



In my original post I stated that Obamacare was passed when the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives. I was wrong.

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