Horror in Aurora: we need a middle ground on gun control…

UPDATE (7-21-12) : After further reading in the news, on the second day of this sad saga out of Colorado, I note that, as so often happens in mass murders, neighbors and friends of the shooter are quoted as having no idea the person was capable of or inclined to such. In this case, the shooter was a brilliant science student. The only possible clue (and not seen at the time) came from an old high school friend who said he had a “dark, sarcastic kind of humor”.  And although I say in the post below that there ought to be some way to keep guns out of the hands of  deranged (dangerous) people, it is not always possible to spot them. On the other hand, I note that he was said to be packing a military-like assault rifle and two automatic pistols, as well as a shotgun. At his apartment he had a cache of ammunition and there were said to be booby traps. Did the founding fathers mean that every citizen should have their own, personal military stockpile?


Guns don’t kill people, people do.

That inane saw of the gun nut lobby comes to mind when I think of the horror in Aurora, Colorado where an obviously deranged gunman killed at least 12 people and wounded scores of others in the most deadly shooting now in American History (this being reported in the last 24 hours).

Yes, I stand behind the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, even though I think it is ambiguous in both its wording and history, but let’s face it, this nut case would not have been able to kill these people if it were not for the fact it is apparently so easy for any idiot to get lethal weapons (not to mention stockpiling ammunition as this culprit did).

One of the victims in the shooting, taking place at a movie theatre, was only six years old. Imagine, losing your young child in such a senseless, wanton shooting. Small comfort to know that guns don’t generally by themselves go around killing people.

I am not automatically for gun control — but come on folks, we need to find a way to make it difficult if not impossible for deranged people to get a hold of guns and ammunition.

This happened at a showing of a Batman movie and I don’t know anything about all of that, except to say that we all have a strange fascination about violence and that kids nowadays grow up playing video games that glorify violence and that our entertainment media glorifies violence and that kids probably grow up thinking or almost thinking that violence is not real, kind of like a cartoon where someone gets shot in one frame or run over in one frame and comes back intact in the next.

And our national pastime is not baseball but football, probably the most violent sport there is.

And sorry to get off on a tangent on rough sports.

The fact is none of us is safe anywhere. Trying to take guns away from the general populace would only ensure that the people with the power would be able to maintain that power without fear of a backlash because only they would have the guns.

And letting anyone get guns is bad news as well.

There must be a middle ground here. Sensible gun control.


And for the record, the shooter has been identified as James Eagen Holmes, 24, originally of San Diego, Ca.


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