Romney pulls the old Nixon secret plan trick…

So the latest is that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is promising “something dramatic” to stimulate the economy if elected but it won’t be a government stimulus program or anything like that but he is not giving any details.

Sounds eerily like Richard Nixon’s secret plan to end the Vietnam War that may have helped get him elected but turned out to be nothing more than dragging the lost cause on for another five years or so and then finally quitting.

I don’t trust secret plans

(Romney is already being referred to as “Tricky Mitt”.)

And what else is there to say? Nothing, except what follows are some of my observations over the last several days:

You almost have to feel sorry for the rich guy — almost — it seems GOP presidential nominee to be Mitt Romney can’t catch a  break, with a new poll out showing he is behind President Obama among voters in Florida, and it is figured he has to win the key swing state to win the presidency.

If he could only get more people than himself, and his family one would suppose, to like him. He can’t seem to even get his own political party excited.

I’m wondering if he is not the 2012 Republican sacrificial lamb, like John McCain and Bob Dole before him.

I wrote before and I still say again he reminds me of a lot of people in power, particularly a Mormon boss I once had (who, God rest his soul, is in Mormon Heaven now): smart, good looking, and knows it, gives off a smile that almost scares you because you know one wrong word or move and he will explode, quite thin skinned.

Is the press piling on when it comes to Mitt Romney? I don’t know, but it seems every day Romney has managed to insult someone else. The latest, in today’s news, is that he insulted the Palestinians while in Israel by saying that the reason Israel has a larger gross national product is the superiority of the culture. He reportedly had previously made similar observations quoting or referring to writings that analyzed the economic differences of nations such as the U.S. vs. Mexico. Again Culture. Well he is probably right, although in the case of the Palestinians they are hampered by security measures taken by Israel that interfere with trade and even hamper people getting to work (of course Palestinians have a bad habit of throwing bombs at Israelis).

While I agree with Romney that we should not let Iran get the nuclear bomb, I don’t see his publicly telegraphing his notion to go to war with that nation or support an Israeli strike as wise. But he has now declared in public that is his intention if elected president.

Doesn’t leave much room to bargain or bluff, and what if our bluff is called?

Let the enemy know via private channels. Keep them guessing, off balance as to what we would really do. Give them an opportuntiy to back down but save face in doing so.

Now we just look belligerent and will look the fool if we don’t carry out the threat.

One thing we now know about presidential contender Mitt Romney is that he is not a born diplomat.

Yankee Doodle went to London it seems and questioned Great Britain’s security precautions for the now ongoing Olympics.

Yes it was all over the news that there were concerns about the security preparations, but was it wise for Mr. Romney, a guest in the country (he could have stayed home), to chime in?

The first thing, well almost, I thought of when I heard that the prime minister and the mayor of London, among others, were offended was the legendary encounter between LBJ and then Prime Minister of Canada Lester Pearson.

At the height of the Vietnam War Pearson visited the U.S. and made a speech deemed critical of LBJ’s Vietnam policy. LBJ purportedly later grabbed Pearson by the lapels in his earthy style and said: “Don’t come into my home and piss on my rug”.

You might say Romney pissed on the Royal rug.

(But, I also read that overall we had good relations with Canada then and continued to and that LBJ met further with Pearson in cordial manner).

I saw the clip of what Romney said in an interview. He was just being candid. But sometimes candor is not called for in international relations.

England or Great Britain or whatever I am supposed to call the Mother Country, the one we fought a war with to be free, has been our best ally. And they speak English. That helps.

I’m sure Romney could learn diplomacy. But why do we always have to settle for candidates who need on-the-job training?

While I winced a little at what some called President Obama’s “Apology Tour” in the Middle East when he first took office — you know, hey folks we were mean and nasty and arrogant in the past, but we are going to be nicer now — overall Obama seems more naturally diplomatic.

We need friends and we need to maintain friendships. We don’t need any more enemies.


NOTE: My spell checker still wants to change Obama to Osama (must have been programmed by right wing nuts) and does not recognize the word “blog”, go figure.


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