Eastwood did not make my day, but I think even in his old age he has a more complex intellect than your average Republican…

 I don’t want to dissect nor fully analyze the Clint Eastwood performance at the Republican National Convention, except to say maybe entertainers ought to quit while they are ahead.

The guy’s old, 82, and his speech is halting.

But to give him a break here, I’d say his thinking is probably a little more complex than your average Republican. So he’s decided to support Mitt Romney. That does not mean he holds the exact same views, then again, what are Romney’s views? Depends upon which election it is.

But I did watch most of the video of his one-man show with the chair representing the “invisible Obama”, and I think that his, Eastwood’s, reference to pulling the troops out of Afghanistan was in the vein of since Obama and others seem so eager to announce withdrawal dates, thus telegraphing the enemy as to when it is safe to come out in full force, one might as well just pack up and go home.

In my last post I declared that our leaders no longer know how to wage war. But they are hamstrung by a public who will not give a clear signal on what they think of wars, other than indifference, and who seem to have little tolerance for casualties. Yes, wars should be avoided. But if something really needs to be done for self defense, then how can there be any substitute for victory? And victory comes with a deadly price. So many paid that price more than 70 years ago now. But we are not under the control of dictatorships with the banner of the rising sun or the swastika.

Back to Eastwood. He is or was a good actor. I think he was out of place and is too old now. Enjoy your retirement Clint. You just didn’t make my day with this one.


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