Is Romney trying to lure in disaffected Democrats and centrists by complimenting Bill? Or just call him Mitt ‘Romneybama’…

UPDATE (Sunday,9-9-12):

Since posting this last evening, I got up this morning to read that Mitt Romney not only was impressed by Bill Clinton’s speech, he now is flip flopping and says he would not completely gut Obamacare. Of course Obamcare, officially known as the Affordable Health Care Act (President Obama’s signature piece of legislation), was modeled after Romney’s health care plan when he was governor of Massachusetts. But now that the conventions are over, it seems Romney may be distancing himself from the far right wing nuts and becoming more centrist. He’s moving toward Obama. Just call him Mitt “Romneybama”.


 Moving on the wires now, as they used to say, a report that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was impressed with the convention speech given by former president (and a Democrat) Bill Clinton. He actually said it “elevated” the level of discourse among the Democrats. And he didn’t sound sarcastic when he said it (in a video clip from Meet the Press). He implied, though, that Clinton bested President Obama. I don’t know, maybe that was a ploy to lure Democrats who are not so hot for Obama (now if he could only figure out a ploy to lure Republicans who are not so hot for him).

In response to a question, Romney also indicated that if the Constitution allowed it, he did not know but whether Clinton could get a third (non-consecutive) term.

Romney has reportedly expressed admiration for Clinton (and we’re talking Bill not his wife) as a “centrist”. Could that be another ploy to lure centrist Democrats from a man who may really be a centrist (or maybe just an opportunist) at heart, rather than the hard-right conservative he has been forced to portray in this campaign?

I just caught this story on the net. I saw one headline that read: “Did Romney just concede the election?”

Anyway, he was impressed with Bill.


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