Why is it so difficult for some people to get registered to vote?

With all of these new voter ID laws it certainly does seem that there is a concerted effort to suppress the vote.

But I am wondering why it seems so difficult for some people to get registered to vote. I have been voting for decades and have lived in various locales and have almost never had a hard time getting registered. Most of the time I went directly to the county voter registrar’s office and registered. No one ever asked for an ID as far as I can recall, but if they had, I could have shown them a driver’s license and my Social Security card.

I suppose if a birth certificate was required I could have done that, although not as readily. A birth certicate is required for some things.

It seems to me there should be a uniform identification requirement nationwide and it probably should be nothing more than a driver’s license. And for those who do not drive, a state ID card, such as issued in my own state of California. It looks just like a driver’s license.

Certainly anyone who wants to vote should have some type of ID. If you are extremely poor you probably are on some type of public assistance and you can get an ID card and may even have to have one anyway.

It should not be difficult to get registered to vote but anyone who wants to vote should be willing to put up with some necessary effort on his or her part, such as somehow making a trip to the voter registrar’s office. People make their way to the welfare office.

I am suspicious of voter registration drives conducted by the parties. The one time I did have trouble was when I registered on the street with some Republicans. I registered as a Democrat at the time. And you know? I did not get my sample ballot and was told by the registrar that they never got my application. But even then somehow, and I don’t recall how, I was able to get registered.

There should not be a lot of obstacles to voting but people should not have to have their hands held or be dragged to the voting booth either (I vote absentee). If you do not have the energy to get an ID card, something most people have to have anyway, and you can’t use your own initiative to register, you probably should not be voting.

(I realize some disabled people may need extra help, that is understandable.)

While I lament the lack of participation in our democratic process, I would rather the uninterested and uninformed not take part anyway.

But again, I think there should be a uniform standard for voter identification which everyone has to follow and which is not overly cumbersome.


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