Romney on steroids hit it out of the park (my initial reaction)

(Having problems with my blog service; this is actually being posted on Oct. 3)


This is an honest and independent first reaction to the just-concluded debate between President Barack Obama (Democrat) and challenger Mitt Romney (Republican). I am alone and watched it alone and am not influenced by anyone. And I will admit up front that I went into it biased against Romney.

But it was Romney on steroids. I don’t know if he was accurate on some of the supposed facts he cited or how many things he said were flip flops from previous positions (many probably), but he was strident in making his case and came across as mister reasonable (not that Obama was not, reasonable, that is) and he seemed to offer a hint that he was independent of some of the far right loonies in his party whom he has spent so many months pandering to.

Obama handled himself well, but it was plain that he had met his match in debating and he seemed somewhat weary.

It will take the fact checkers to tear things apart, and then who checks on the fact checkers?

I think that overall Mr. Romney sounded more dynamic and capable of taking a no-nonsense business dollars and cents approach to our economic problems while at the same time taking human concerns into consideration.

It is plain and not news that he takes the position of letting business lead the way, while President Obama thinks government must lead, while fostering business opportunity.

Romney favors the private approach, such as vouchers, which allow people to spend money the way they choose, such as going to private schools, while President Obama does not.

Most of the debate was like a wonkfest with all kinds of complicated or confusing talk of tax rates and deductions and whether a tax cut was a tax cut or what really constituted raising taxes. No wonder politicians usually don’t care to go into detail.

I hope this does not sound as if Romney won me over. I was only reacting to what I just saw. I will ruminate on it all and read and reassess.

But I would think Mr. Romney has to be feeling pretty good.

I for one think he hit it out of the park.


2 Responses to Romney on steroids hit it out of the park (my initial reaction)

  1. Hi Tony.

    Was surfing this evening’s posts tagged w/ “politics” & found you. You have a very interesting bio, and impressive archive…dwarfs my newbie status, certainly.

    “Who checks the checkers?” Excellent question. The internet brings such an overwhelming amount of info to us, but we have to learn new savvy skills to consume it properly without getting hoodwinked, huh?

    When you said “Romney favors the private approach, such as vouchers, which allow people to spend money the way they choose, such as going to private schools, while President Obama does not.”

    …it made me recall one point, I guess about 1/2way thru, where there was a back and forth that was very telling about their respective views towards/against gov’t and towards/against the free market. The President used the phrase “at the mercy of the insurance industry”. Then Mr. Romney cited several private enterprise hospitals (like the Cleveland something-or-other hospital that the President had already complimented, and the Mayo Clinic and others) that are doing well BECAUSE they are private and able to be creative and competitive. Romney said the benefit of allowing private choices to compete with Medicare is that a consumer can drop an insurance company and switch to another if they’re dissatisfied, which is the incentive for insurance companies to try to please the consumer, an incentive that wouldn’t exist in a government-run system. Then the microphone went back to the President, and his rebuttal again used the phrase “putting people at the mercy of the private insurance industry.”

    It’s just so interesting, and so telling, to see them characterize the VERY SAME THING so oppositely.

    I think this is the starkest presidential choice between two completely different ideologies that we’ve had since Reagan/Carter in 1980.

    I, too, think Mr. Romney did quite well for himself this evening. And as I quicly sampled the flash blog posts tagged as “politics” over the last couple hours on WordPress, I noticed quite a few anti-Romney bloggers that were admitting he did well and that the President seemed weary and that his face looked pinched and upset while Romney was talking…he just didn’t look enthused to be there at all.

    Best wishes,
    – Jeff

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