Condescension does not necessarily play well with voters Mr. Biden…

A condescending grin will not win an election.

That is what I would warn Joe Biden — although it is too late.

I recall once upon a time a quite popular, and good I think, California governor dismissed the idea of an upstart who challenged him for the governorship.

Democrat Pat Brown was shown in a TV commercial run just before the election smirking or laughing at the idea of an actor becoming governor.

Ronald Reagan won.

And I have never been a fan of Reagan. Quite the opposite. And I don’t imagine Brown’s condescension lost him the race but it did not help and may have shown that he and his advisers should have treated the whole thing more seriously.

I’m writing this of course in reaction to Thursday night’s vice presidential candidate debate.

Busy working, I only caught small portions of the debate, both on video by way of computer, and then in audio by way of radio.

Could not say who won on points, but quite frankly I was more impressed with Ryan’s calm performance.

Ryan’s best line, at least that I heard, was when Biden was interrupting him and he shot back something to the effect: I know you (Biden) are under pressure to make up for the last debate (Obama’s flop), but please give me a chance to speak.

Biden had a good barb when he mentioned that although Ryan lambasted Obama’s stimulus spending, Ryan asked Biden to help one of his constituents get some stimulus money.

(Actually, even though that sounds like hypocrisy, and it is to some extent, I guess, I can see the rationale that although you might disagree with a fiscal policy, as a businessman you have to accept what is and take advantage of it.)

I probably will watch the entire debate on replay (probably), but I can say I was not comfortable with Biden’s performance. Maybe I just don’t care for Biden. Okay, I don’t care for Biden.

Neither was I sold on the Ryan/Romney line. Probably never would be. To them government is just a tool of the market, to be used as it sees fit.


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