Romney adopts Obama foreign policy…

Mitt Romney apparently has no foreign policy agenda so he just uses President Obama’s.

That was the immediate impression I got listening to last night’s debate.

I agree with the tweet I heard quoted on the radio afterwards: “if the debate lasted another 20 minutes Romney would have endorsed Obama”.

And I was astonished to hear Romney agree with the 2014 American pullout date in Afghanistan (that is the date to stop active American combat operations). He said it like that was his plan. Strange since his camp has howled that announcing a pull-out date is tantamount to surrendering to the enemy. But then again I guess he figures it is a done deal, so why fight it. And he is probably really against continued waste of money (not to mention blood) over there, knowing that his whole campaign is based on his promise to somehow magically fix the economy with his business acumen.

I only missed maybe the first few questions if that much. Been busy working at my real job as a truck driver. I did catch some after-debate-commentary on the fairly balanced National Public Radio and some of the quite predictable comments on a Sacramento area right-wing talk thing, such as one caller saying: “It don’t make no difference”.

I have not yet had a chance to read or listen to today’s coverage of what really was said and which points were correct and which ones were not and who was thought to have scored more points.

I honestly think it is revealing that Romney just changes colors to fit the situation.

I was never going to vote for him, yet I have kept trying to give him a chance.

I could see, though, that some undecideds out there who had been disenchanted with Obama, particularly on economic matters, but who might have viewed Romney as too much of a war monger in his pandering to the far right might now feel more comfortable with Romney and his peaceful centrist and Obama copying attitude on foreign policy.

Now I did catch the line where Romney talked about indicting the president of Iran as a war criminal. That seemed a little counter productive to me.

And that is all I have time for now, but I did want to get my two cents in before this is all history.


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