Pssst, pass it on, Obama will win; the center decides the contest…

Hey it’s almost here! It’s the eve of the 2012 presidential election.

I’m starting to read and hear things that say although the polling has been neck and neck, it is looking as if President Obama will be re-elected.

Joe Biden says it could be by a wide margin — or it could be close. I know, Joe Biden.

Some people have the World Series (and I am happy the Giants won, being as SF is the town of my birth).  And much of the nation considers the Super Bowl the major contest to follow in their lives.

But for me it is presidential elections.

I mean the person who is elected or re-elected president becomes or remains the most powerful person in the world. Not only America awaits the results, so does much of the world.

But psssst, it’s going to be Obama, pass it on.

But anyway:

Sometimes I read something and I conclude the writer not only is conveying something I understand and agree with but that I could not possibly say it better myself. Such is the case with this Thomas Friedman column to which I am providing a link. So just skip the rest of this and read it:

But if you have not or don’t want to, he is saying that the bulk of the electorate is center right and center left and that is who will win Tuesday. He didn’t say which man, Obama or Romney, but he said that either one would have to attribute his election to satisfying those two camps.

He also says something I have thought too: Although the Democrats have the influence of the far left and the Republicans of the far right, the far right has had an undo influence over the GOP, much less than the far left has had over the Democrats. And just look at all the crazies out there (my words) who get all the attention — few are on the left.

Anyway, I thought it was a good article.


If my link does not work, it was Thomas Friedman in the Sunday New York Times under the headline: The morning after the morning after.

And one more thing: I will be working, driving a truck, most likely through the evening Tuesday, but somehow and some way I hope to post something during the night. This should be exciting, well unless it is a rout, although that would certainly be big news but without the suspense.


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