The political center re-elects the president; the Tea Party loses

It was 8:18 p.m. when I heard over NPR Radio that President Barack Obama had won the electoral votes in the state of Ohio and that all he needed is one more of the so-called Battle Ground states.

I think they said that gave him a total of 265 electoral votes and he needed 270.

Just want to say I called the winner (actually we don’t officially know who the winner is yet) Monday evening in my blog post — admittedly based on nothing more than the tone of the reports I was hearing on the radio.

I have been working all day (driving a truck, but listening to the radio).

And now at 8:28 p.m., I hear that Obama has 270 or more which clinches his re-election (of course not official yet).

I was going to write before that preceding sentence that the commentary all day long before the votes started coming in and even in the early stages made it sound like it would be a long night and a nail biter.

Seems like it was rather quickly over — unless there is some unexpected happening that brings on a challenge.

I think the Tea Party has been discredited. I think extremism from any sector has been discredited.

The center in politics more than a political party has won.

I’m at the center in politics.

It’s been a good night.

Oh, one more thing. Obama it seems has pretty much stayed in the center during his first term (even though some think his health care law was leftist — hardly).

His challenger Mitt Romney kept moving around although he tried to run to the center to sew it all up. He probably should have made that move sooner — but he had lost all his credibility anyway by just saying what a particular audience wanted to hear and by constantly changing his story.

And I think maybe that smarmy rich guy smile did not help either.


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