Israel should hear the cry of ‘let my people go’

If we could create the modern state of Israel then why cannot we create a full-fledged state of Palestine, not just a Palestinian Authority?

It would seem to me that this is the only way to resolve the ongoing feud between Israel and the Palestinians.

At this point I do not care who is right and who is wrong in all of this or who shot first.

The modern state of Israel began at about the time of my own birth and fighting between the Jews and the Palestinians has been going on ever since, with some major flare-ups, and some full-fledged wars, and at this time they are into a major flare-up headed to possible full-fledged war.

With the other complications in the region, such as the Arab Spring and the Syrian insurgency or whatever you might call that, the instability being experienced in the region right now threatens to throw the whole area into war, and because of oil and other trade, geography, cultural and religious heritage, and so on, it makes trouble for nearly the whole world.

The United States serves as Israel’s main protector and so bears a lot of responsibility for what goes on, like it or not.

I’m thinking it might not have been such a good idea to just up and create a new nation as was done by the Western powers, feeling sorry, and a little guilty for what happened to the Jews during World War II and centuries before that — the persecution, the murder. But what was done is done (creating modern Israel, that is).

I think the United States ought to work with the Arab nations that give support to the Palestinians, at least in the political sense, and create the new nation of Palestine with definite borders. Israel may well have to give up some territory and it will have to give up controlling the lives of Palestinians.

I am not trying to paint a picture of the Palestinians as innocent and blameless in all of this strife. There is plenty of blame to go around. But until there is an unambiguously free Palestine, I can’t see how there can ever be a hope for peace.

The United States needs to put the pressure on Israel to let the Palestinian people go, as in “let my people go”.

All that does not mean the Palestinians or terrorists who work among them would then resolve to live peacefully with their neighbor Israel and quit trying to destroy it. But once the Palestinians have what they claim to want, their own nation, then they have nothing legitimate to complain of and can be dealt with accordingly. Let my people go.


I am neither Palestinian nor Jewish. I mean “let my people go” as a, how do we say? literary allusion.


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