If blowing up people is values, I’m not interested

The story of two brothers originally from Chechnya (within Russia), one who seemed to have assimilated and fit in nicely to contemporary American society, such as it is, and the other who tried but failed and dragged his younger sibling along with him to the cesspool of demented thinking and violence that is Jihad, militant Islamic fundamentalism (although many of the Islamic faith would no doubt disavow it as Islamic, at least one would hope):

That is the story of the violent and bizarre week in Boston that began with the lethal bomb blasts at the conclusion of the Boston Marathon and continued with a lockdown of a major city and gun battles with the culprits and more detonating of explosives, one brother being killed and a policeman killed too, as well as the three people killed and nearly 200 wounded in the original blasts, and ended with the capture of the other brother.

And with the details emerging, it seems at this time that the terrorism was not directly for some political aim, but more from youthful frustration and alienation (and that may be the case in most or much of the terrorism going on in the world). The older brother had complained in an earlier interview that he had no American friends. His younger sibling apparently did, or at least got along, but was drug down by his older brother.

It would be nice or convenient to find something to blame this all on and then do something about that something. The internet comes to mind, for that seems to be the tool that is used these days to spread terrible ideas. I’m using that tool right now — not to spread terrible ideas, though.

It is said that the older brother was caught up in Jihadist stuff on the internet, apparently turning to that as some kind of refuge when things did not work out for him. He had complained that Americans have no values. Well if blowing up people is values, then, personally, I’m not interested in such values.

He may have been correct on one level, though. Our society is lacking somewhat in what once were considered wholesome values and maybe lacking in a common purpose, something which helps a society function.

But, anyway, let’s give it to Boston and the law enforcement authorities there and the FBI for not fooling around. I mean shutting a whole town down so the bad guys had nowhere to hide or go. Now that is the way it should be and was done.


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