Adults acting badly; is there any hope? At a kindergarten graduation?


A sign that civilization has really come to an end is the report that spilled punch resulted in adults getting into a knock down, drag out fight at a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio. No pupils were said to be involved — just grown ups.

How this could be is mind boggling,  incomprehensible. I assume some or all of these so-called adults were parents. What hope is there if the adults act like this?

One would hope that this was an isolated incident not likely to be repeated anywhere.

I would hope that these people will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is no license required to be parents, but if there were theirs should be revoked or never have been issued in the first place. And even is some of the participants were not themselves the parents, who are they? And what were they doing at a school? Oh, setting a bad example, that’s what.

The story:

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