We saw this one (Syria) coming last Spring…

The dilemma in this Syria crisis is that if we do limited action it will probably not be effective but if we do more than that we will likely get mired in another endless no-win war. Over the weekend I detected in the political talk, even from Secretary of State John Kerry, that part of our aim would be to help the Syrian opposition, those causing the insurrection in their own country, and they are many disparate groups, to include avowed enemies of the U.S.


I was going to post an update on this subject today when I ran across what I wrote last Spring. I thought it apropos to today. So I give you this link: https://tonywalther.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/we-wasted-lives-and-treasure-overseas-and-compromised-civil-liberties-when-all-we-needed-was-here-at-home/


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