(In reference to Syria crisis) The end of the Cold War has complicated things; why not just outlaw war?

So a missile or missiles have already been launched in the current Syria crisis — okay that was misleading. Actually a war game missile test was done by Israel, but in connection with the ongoing crisis. And this was done in conjunction with a team from the U.S. Pentagon, and of course you can read about that if you have not already in the news.

Somehow we (the U.S.) seem to be headed for another mess in the Middle East.

Last night I was perusing the offerings of books about Syria on my Kindle. But although I tried some samples, I did not purchase one yet. They seem to be too general for the immediate situation or one seemed interesting but almost too inside baseball (technical). But I probably will get one or more. I really would like to understand things better about all of this.

But if you have not read this blog before you can scroll down or click the “war” category at the right and see what I have already written. I mean I do have some thoughts on all of this.

What we seem to have in Syria and other places in the Middle East are fabricated nation states dating back a hundred years and more as the result of Western European colonialism. People of different tribal allegiances and religions and sects within religions have been jumbled together and the only way the peace was ever kept was back in the old days by the governing colonial powers and then later by strong man dictators backed by their ruthless security forces and/or military.

During the Cold War the U.S. (and its Western allies and former colonial powers) vied with the Soviet Union for influence or control over the region. And the region is important for trade and world transport (the Suez Canal, for instance,  is vital) and of course OIL. And don’t forget, Western (and Eastern) arms manufacturers have to love the region because it has so much fighting. It is a major market. And also it is the home of the world’s major religions (and doesn’t that seem ironic).

There is no more Soviet Union, but what is now called Russia is an ally of the Syrian government. For one thing, Russia has its only naval base on the Mediterranean in Syria. I recall my sixth grade teacher telling us that the Russians have always coveted a “warm water” port on the Mediterranean. The Russians also supply (sell) arms to the Syrians.

In many ways things were way simpler when back during the Cold War the U.S. and Soviet Union as the two “super powers” divided influence over the world between them. Now everyone wants to get into the act, that is every religious sect and tribe and so on.

And of course you wouldn’t be reading this if you did not already know that the present crisis is over the use of outlawed chemical weapons by the current Syrian regime against its own people.

U.S. President Barack Obama previously threatened that the U.S. would retaliate if it did that (again) and now he seems stuck on making good on the threat.

This occurs to me: If we can internationally outlaw chemical (and biological) weapons why not outlaw war itself?


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