War not the answer, let Syrians fight their own battle, and let’s not kill more innocent people

UPDATE: The latest this morning is that Russian president Putin has said he might back intervention in Syria if it were sanctioned by the UN. Of course Russia holds veto power in the Security Council. My hunch or hope is that some political maneuvering will allow a resolution to the problem short of a military strike. And then one has to ask: who are the suppliers of these chemical weapons? The Russians and even the United States?


Events seem to be moving a little more rapidly toward a U.S. response in Syria with the Senate introducing a resolution to authorize the president to  do a “limited and tailored” operation or something like that. I don’t have time to go into it all because I have a real job. But good luck with that. I don’t believe in the concept of limited war. I don’t believe there is such an animal. If we strike Libya it will be an act of war. And if we limit our actions we will only limit the effectiveness of the outcome if there even can be any effectiveness.

And I heard an interesting conversation/interview with some American women (I think they, or at least one of them, were mothers of soldiers, but that is not pertinent really). They questioned the advisability of striking Syria and killing innocent civilians, and asking what the point and morality of that would be. They indicated the purported use of outlawed chemical weapons there is more in the purview of the World Court or such tribunal and the United Nations.

I’m personally thinking the Arab League, who has called for some action (not specific), should carry the ball on this one.

And then I heard an interview with a Syrian refugee, and not some poor uneducated guy, but an English teacher, nonetheless, and he said he hoped for the United States would rid Syria of its current regime as soon as possible. I got to thinking on that one and it made my blood boil. Why doesn’t he go back to his own country and fight the good fight?

I’m really dubious about all of this. And I think those ladies were right to be concerned that we will kill people in an effort to save people. Unless we get involved in the ongoing civil war there (in which there are many factions and some not favorable to us besides the current regime) we are not likely to make any progress. And if we do it is likely to be a catastrophe (witness the Iraq and Afghanistan debacle and Vietnam before it).

Probably there needs to be a conference between the U.S. and other players who will deal with us and something worked out behind the scenes so all can save face. War is not what we need.

And that’s all I have time for at this hour…


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