Social fabric more necessary than gun control…

If you make guns illegal then only criminals will have guns. That is the mantra of the pro-gun segment in society, and I think that  is a true statement.

I write this is reference to an article I just scanned (I’m being painfully honest here; I just scanned it) in the Huffington Post. In it you can read that in some places where guns are illegal the highest incidents of gun violence takes place.

Certainly, for example, we all have heard about the rampant gun violence in Mexico in the ongoing drug war there (which pits the government against drug lords and drug lords against each other, and puts citizens in the crossfire). If you’ve ever been near the border between the U.S. and Mexico then you have probably seen the warning signs: “Firearms are illegal in Mexico”. So much for gun control.

Now personally, I am neither and advocate of all-out gun freedom nor gun control per se. I do support the Second Amendment, even though I see it as at least somewhat ambiguous in its wording. I do, however, generally recognize that it has been seen as guaranteeing U.S. citizens the right to have firearms (with some limitations over the years imposed by law and the courts interpreting the law).

But laws by themselves don’t make us safe, social behavior does (or does not).

We do have to have law and respect for law.

And now I may be trailing off on some tangent, but part of the problem in Mexico is widespread corruption and a distrust in public institutions. This creates a culture of lawlessness. So even making guns illegal does not work there.

In the United States we have too large of a segment of society that is disconnected from the everyday workaday crowd. The breakdown of the family unit and widespread unemployment contribute to this, along with the breakdown of societal norms as the result of the sexual and social revolution of the 1960s (and too,  a shift in population from the farm to the city way before that, not to mention ongoing racial strife). Maybe I’m just making this up as  I go along. I’m just reaching back into my lifetime memory and observations at 64 plus years old.

We’re not going to go back in time, but we should recognize that we all have to get along lest we wind up like the Middle East where religious sect fights religious sect or tribes vie for power, and where a rich elite takes from the populace at large and snuffs out those who oppose them.

And I began all of this by noting an article mentioning gun violence and the connection or disconnection with gun control. Here is the article, for what it is worth:








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