Politics of gun control gets in the way of common sense, budget cuts may affect security…

I have little time to post this, but I feel weird in that in a recent post, my second to last, I had just written something on gun control and about how gun control laws in and of themselves don’t control gun violence. And then another mass shooting. This time at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. An apparently troubled individual shot 12 people dead and injured several others. The shooter was shot dead himself.

While I did not come down for or against gun control I have to note that here is still another case where someone with a history of violence and mental illness (well another, in some cases there had been no publicly known history, but in this one there was), and yet he had access to weapons (although some may have been grabbed at the shooting site) and even had a security clearance to get into the facility.

Does it seem like something is wrong here? Of course it does. We can’t protect ourselves from everything in a free society, but it seems we could do something. But we let the politics of gun control (for and against) rule us and throw common sense out the window. And budget cuts today are being blamed for less than stellar security.

I’ll write more later when I have the time and more information.





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