While congress plays petty politics we let our manufacturing base die, but there is hope…

What we need is a president and a congress who work at returning manufacturing, the producing of things, things needed, to the United States of America, everything from socks we wear to giant pieces of equipment.

But wrapped up in petty politics (such as shutting down the government as a political blackmail blame game) we have let all that slip by for decades now and what we have is high unemployment, too many low-wage jobs, and maybe a few generations who see no point in learning anything at school, especially the basics, such as English and reading and writing, along with math and science — all needed for good jobs in manufacturing these days.

And we need a return to vocational education, with major industries funding it perhaps. But of course it needs to be up to date. But even there the old time shop classes have value. I mean it all starts there with the basics of the basics.

But even home ec and its sewing instruction could be helpful in the textile industry — and remember when mom actually sewed your clothes or repaired them? Well no, probably not, unless you were born in the baby boom generation or before. Yeah, I know, where home ec or whatever they now call it is still offered young men take it too (good).

Not everyone wants to or even can work in hands-on stuff, but a whole lot do and a whole lot should.

We have sold our soul to globalization and the international conglomerates who run to where the cheapest labor is.

But some of that labor is not as cheap as it once was. And there are those fuel/shipping costs, and concerns of quality and safety, and even government stability outside our borders (we seem to be in a little trouble ourselves at the moment).

But from time to time there are reports that give me hope. I often have wondered whatever happened to our textile industry. Then I read something positive in this New York Times piece, the link to which appears at the end of this blog post.

The Global economy is good I suppose, but we need to be part of it.


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