Wary of dealing online for Obamacare, insurance people not fun to deal with, how much can government really regulate health care in a free market? Obamacare is the law and will likely succeed…

This is just one man’s experience or one disgruntled customer or potential customer’s history, but I am wary of dealing with the health insurance exchanges– but probably in my own personal situation I will not have to — not sure.

But my experience with insurance people (for the most part, not always) is that they don’t always understand what they are selling you. They sometimes brush over things or throw big voluminous books or pamphlets at you, telling you it’s all in there. If you ask questions they roll their eyes and affect that condescending manner because they either don’t know themselves or don’t want you to know the answer.

And now it’s all “online”. Hey I use a computer. I do this blog on a computer of course. But I don’t do business on the computer. Whoops! I just remembered. I buy some books and rent some videos on my Kindle. But other than that…

Another problem is that buying health care coverage is not like buying a car or a computer or a TV set. It does not fit into the market place like that. You can’t just try it out and if it does not work take it back or trade it in for a new one.

And it is not practical to shop around for doctors who will accept your medical insurance. Your relationship with those who take care of your medical needs is rather personal and does lend itself to shopping around for the most part.

I still think single-payer would have been the better idea. I would think one plan would cut down on the paper work, the bureaucracy that stands in the way of getting things done in medical care. Barring that, an expansion and revision of Medicare, with maybe a sliding scale based on income would have been in order.

But despite the efforts of the vocal Republican/Tea Party minority, Obamacare is the law. Apparently they can shut down the government, for a time at least, but as far as I know, it still takes a majority of votes to repeal a law. And Obamacare just might work, especially over the long run — and if you are getting on in years, the long run does not sound promising.

I was just reminded in an article I read this morning that part of the deal to get Obamacare passed was to cutback on Medicare — weird logic.

And I have some sympathy with the free-market purists. I am not sure that the government could or should control costs in the private market. Government can indeed make regulations but it cannot ultimately force doctors and other medical people to simply work for what it demands. And by that I do not mean that we as patients have not been gouged. We have. But there is something natural about the private market place that has to do with human behavior. You can make regulations but you have no way to know what the unintended consequences will be.

Nonetheless, I imagine over the long haul Obamacare will work out. Social Security while often maligned is a sacred cow, and so is Medicare. And like President Obama says: when Obamacare becomes popular because it works, no one will call it Obamacare.

Good health!


According to an article in the Wall Street Journal online there are major computer problems involving the government and the insurance exchanges, and they are more than glitches. But then there are problems in the present system, as anyone who has ever had to deal with insurance people knows.

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