And now drones threaten light delivery drivers, and technology all of us…

Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself about technological advancements — is this really necessary?

I just read that Jeff Bezos of Amazon has announced that his company plans within the next five years (maybe not that soon) to deliver small parcels via airborne drones — beats trucks, he says.

(And some commenters are saying this is just a publicity gimmick by Amazon.)

Now keeping in mind I am a truck driver (but I am not really involved in his line of products), is this really necessary? And is this even a good idea? Do we really want to add more traffic in the air? We already have enough on the ground.

And this has to be a wakeup call for those who drive light delivery trucks (the King of Queens will be out of a job at this rate).

Are we really trying to eliminate every last job we can think of? I’m not really worried about truck driver jobs at the moment (especially as I move ever closer to retirement); no matter what, I doubt that we’ll see an end to truck driving in decades — things are always changing, though. Driverless vehicles are a technological reality (on the ground and in the air) now (although I still have not figured out how that is going to work out, well unless all vehicles become driverless — I mean how do you take road rage out on a driverless vehicle? sorry a really bad joke in poor taste, but I couldn’t pass it up — road rage is no laughing matter really).

But in at least one of my past posts I have asked: “When has technology gone too far?” One way to answer it might be when it takes your job. But of course that’s too narrow in thinking. I mean we haven’t needed buggy whip makers for a whole lot of time now — what? A century?

But how much better do we want to make life? What are we to do when we don’t have to do anything? People already do things — just about everything — via the virtual manner via computers. There comes a point when you ask just what is the purpose of reality? And I don’t know who pays for and will even understand all this technology decades from now when no one has to do anything — all the incentive to work and learn will be gone.

There must be a happy medium between the caveman and a futuristic hell I see on the horizon, maybe we’ve already reached it.

But wait, there is some indisputable good coming out of modern technology. I just read (okay skimmed) an article about a wealthy doctor who is creating a super data center that can plug in your specific DNA and come up with your own personal cancer treatment (cure). The link:


My latest video extra:



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