Good and bad behavior by Obama at Mandela memorial…

My latest update on this post:

I had to update this post, I mean first I wrote that I saw nothing wrong with President Obama shaking hands with Cuban President Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela’s memorial, and I don’t. But now I read and see the photos of Obama’s antics, having a selfie(s) taken of him and the vavavaboom Prime Minister of Denmark (she is a hottie!) and British Prime Minister David Cameron. What ever happened to decorum? Michelle Obama was sitting next to the president and not taking part and not looking too happy. I don’t blame her. The president was disgracing himself and his own nation, and not being all that polite to his own wife. (I earlier had used the term funeral instead of memorial.)

I’m not sure that rises to an impeachable offense — and ex-president George W. had his own selfie there, as well, but who’d expect better from him. Well actually even I would have. But “selfie”, those self-indulgent photos people take of themselves with phones and digital cameras, has become the new word of the year and it signals an outbreak of extreme narcissism in our society (like Jerry Seinfeld in his sitcom when he met a girl who looked and acted like him: I’ve been looking for someone all my life, it’s me (a paraphrase, I don’t recall the exact words). I have to confess to making a few selfies recently, but not at a funeral, and I’m not a person in the public eye or one the public puts trust in for judgment (fortunately). Apparently, from reports in the last few days on the internet, making selfies at funerals is a fad — at least Mandela’s body was not in the background.

But seriously, I see this as shameful on the part of our president. I realize he is only human, but don’t you need a little self-restraint at that level? I mean personally I have no responsibility. I’m free as a bird. But I would hope I would not be caught doing something like that — I mean I hope I would not do it.

Bad behavior at Mandela memorial:

The original post follows:

What’s the big deal? So U.S. President Barack Obama shook hands with Cuban president Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela’s memorial.

I think the communist government of Cuba is pretty much a fact of life and has been so since 1959. We recognize all of the other communist nations, to include Vietnam, where we sacrificed so much blood and treasure to keep it non-communist (only to see it fall to communism).

The United States should simply restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. Cuba poses no military threat to the U.S. and as far as I know is no longer exporting guerilla warfare into our hemisphere or to Africa.

We seem to be in the early stages of restoring relations with Iran, why not make up with Cuba now?

Those ageing Cuba exiles in Florida are not going back to reclaim their riches.

And back to Obama getting a little too cozy with the Danish female prime minister (and talk about a hot Danish), you have to see the photo near the middle of this story to which I give you a link — First Lady Michelle strategically switched seats with her husband (I know sounds like a gossip tab, but really!):

ADD 1: Oh, and they say Obama gave a great speech.



In earlier versions of this post I used the term funeral instead of memorial.


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