Girl murdered over turning down date to prom? A violent society…

Is society just becoming more violent than in the past?

I write this in reaction to yet again a report of violence at a school.

As I write this the story is new with few details. But the line so far is that a female high school student in Connecticut was stabbed to death Friday by a boy she turned down for a prom invitation. It seems she had just taken a new boyfriend.

So this makes the young man so mad that he decides to murder her. Of course deranged people do things that make no sense. But one has to wonder if there is not something going around in society that gives individuals the idea that they are entitled to all the things they want and that if they do not get them then it is right, in fact it is required, that they react with supreme indignation. In this case the only way to save his honor the young man seems to have thought was to do away with the offending person.

Actually I have no idea why this happened or at this time whether the story about the jilted prom invitation is accurate.

And then sometimes we read that things are not so different these days it’s just that we hear about them more because of the mass media and updated up-to-the-minute news dissemination technology, including the social media.

But no, at 64, darn near 65, I think society is much, much more impatient and super violent.

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