The conundrum of gun control and gun violence…

Now we have to worry on the guy who can’t get a date. He might go out and kill a bunch of people. That’s what that poor little rich but apparently unloved kid did in Southern California the other day.

You see the problem with the right of everyone to have guns is that some people just see them as the go-to thing when things don’t go their way or they get mad about something.

Of course if some of his victims were packing iron they might have been able to defend themselves, although they were caught by surprise — and how absurd is that? A raging gun battle.

(In the haste of writing my original post I erroneously said that most of the victims or fatalities were young women, but it seems as if the count was four men and two woman dead and several others injured.)

But apparently restrictive gun laws don’t prevent such tragedy — California is said to have some of the most restrictive in the nation, and yet this young jerk just went down to the local gun store and bought several — always looking for higher power and insurance in case one of them jammed in his pre-meditated plan to get back at those who rejected him, even though many or most of the shootings appeared to be at random — targets of opportunity.

And we can’t punish law-abiding citizens who want guns for self defense against bad guys and government or to serve in their local militia, a well-regulated militia being necessary to a free state. Or they might just want to collect guns — it’s part of our freedom guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.

And seriously, bans on guns don’t work. At the Mexican border it says guns and ammo are illegal in Mexico. Yeah, how’s that working out down there? (We’re doing our best to keep them supplied down there south of the border.)

Going on a shooting rampage has become quite fashionable.

I guess as long as there are guns people will use them, and more often than not for bad things. I mean hardly anyone actually depends upon them to put food on the table.

It does seem, however, that the easy access to them could be lessened somewhat.

You think?



And it should be noted that he also stabbed people (and ran into people with his car and may have injured some in another fashion) — so guns are not the only culprit or problem. And we can hardly ban all instruments that stab or otherwise injure.

Oh, and thankfully, the perpetrator killed himself, saving us the expense and waste of court and prison time.

And now I feel guilty. I mean the guy must have had deep mental problems but was apparently able to hide them or people — his parents — failed to realize the extent of the problem. He had given off some clues and finally told the whole world what he was going to do in a post on social media — but it came too late, too near the time he actually went into his final action.

Assuming this is accurate, I provide a Wikipedia summary of the incident:


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