The Middle East is not worth another American life

Our focus in the Middle East has to be on protecting America. Sen. Rand Paul says he questions the wisdom of helping the Iraqi army who seems not to have the will to fight. Just as Lyndon Johnson said he would not send American boys to do what Vietnamese boys should be doing (but he did) we should not send in Americans to do what Iraqis should be doing. But we were not in Vietnam to help Vietnam. We were there, rightly or wrongly, to protect our own global interests as we saw them at the time, and at that time we were trying to thwart the spread of communist domination. This time we are trying to counter the terrorists who might eventually strike us at home or strike us again if you look at 9/11. But conventional war does not seem to work for us these days. Nation building in theory might work but in practice it is too difficult and is really not our responsibility. Part of what is going on, in Iraq for instance, is civil war with outside influence, just as was the case in Vietnam, from which we have seemed to learn little.

Oil is and continues to be the reason we are so interested in the area but this has brought us into conflict with terrorists, that is not to say that one day those terrorists might have attacked us anyway once they had their hold on the Middle East.

And it is disgusting how religion seems only to support war. If you are not of my religion or not of my particular brand of religion I must fight you.

It is said that money is the root of all evil. In the Middle East, religion seems to be the root of all evil. Of course even in this case it all comes back to money. For conflicts are virtually always over the control of power and resources or the power over resources. One tribe or one religious sect wants to control the resources.

We must protect ourselves against terrorism, but:

Not another American life should be lost in this ongoing tribal warfare of the Middle East.



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