Poor little Hillary, Clinton fatigue (Bush fatigue), we need new faces…

Poor little Hillary. Her and her husband settled into the White House with no money and left there with no money (maybe some of the furnishings, but no money). They struggled with “mortgages” (notice the plural) and putting their daughter through college.

There could be an element of truth there somewhere, but basically they have come out quite nicely after all of that with millions of dollars to their name. I have no idea and don’t care what their actual net worth is but I understand for one thing that she gets $200,000 a pop for speaking engagements.

Actually she is a highly intelligent woman and I think she has good intentions (I don’t know that for sure, but I would think so). One of her big liabilities is that she is married to Bill. Now he is highly intelligent as well and probably did a fairly good job as president, but he has no morals and self-respect whatsoever and put a shame on the institution of the presidency and deeply injured the Democratic Party with all of his sexual shenanigans.

And besides that, a lot of people I would think are just plain tired of the Clintons. For that matter we are tired of the Bushes.

We need new blood, new faces in this game.

And back to Hillary Clinton. She seems so cold and calculating. She puts on the faux folksiness sometimes, but it is so transparent that she is suffering fools. Now probably she feels she has to be tough as a woman in a what is still man’s world, but transparent insincerity as I would call it is a turn off to me.

She is touted as a likely candidate and likely winner for and of the presidency in the next election. But really, what are her accomplishments? She is the wife of a president, served a relative short stint as a senator and as Secretary of State, and she supported the Iraq War.

Hillary once pushed for universal health care, but as I recall she made it sound so complicated that is sounded scary (and I am not at all against universal health care, but I think the jury is still out on Obamacare).

I have not written anything substantively here. I’m just fatigued with the same old faces.

One thing, though, let’s go with experience next time.

Obama came out of nowhere and seems to be getting nowhere. Foreign policy is his definite weakness. He found he is in over his head.

You can’t always just do what seems reasonable and expect others will too. You’ll be disappointed if you do. Ask Jimmy Carter.

I’m thinking maybe presidents should have some age on them (not so old that you’re afraid they’ll croak at any moment) and some relevant and documented experience.

With the tug of the extreme right and extreme left in politics, the voters usually prefer middle of the road.

I’m not sure a lot of people even want to be president.

Maybe that is what we need. Someone who does not want to be president. But someone who is willing and able to lead if he or she gets the mission.



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