Cosby is being hurt by his silence (but maybe he has nothing to say)

Normally I wouldn’t comment on such tawdry stuff, but this Bill Cosby scandal is hard to ignore. On the one had it might be like people asking any man, any innocent man: “so when are you going to stop beating your wife?” In Cosby’s case, it’s more like: when are you going to stop raping women?

First of all, the only people who likely know whether allegations of sexual attacks leveled against Cosby are true are Cosby himself and the alleged victims.

But they seem to be coming out of the woodwork, alleged rape victims, that is.

Rich individuals and corporations often settle lawsuits that may have no merit but may cause much financial drain and bad publicity with financial arrangements to those who file them. Sometimes or all of the time lawyers get the bulk of the money — much more than the alleged injured party.

And let’s be realistic right here: whatever the truth in the ongoing Cosby scandal is, it is not going to come from his lawyers. The lawyers are not being paid to tell the truth, just to protect the client. If they do speak the truth, that is just incidental.

In Cosby’s case, it seems that paying off one of his accusers (and her lawyers) is actually working against him. He has denied any wrongdoing, but only through his lawyers, as I understand. In an interview on NPR when confronted with the allegations, Cosby chose complete silence.

Now for the average Joe, silence might be right. I mean asking a guy when is he going to stop beating his wife, as the old line goes, with no proof or even reason to expect it ever happened is unfair. I mean how do you answer such a question? Even addressing it makes you seem defensive/guilty. But Cosby is not your average Joe. He is a highly successful and rich entertainer. And he has made a living out of being Mr. Clean and out of encouraging young black men to go the straight and narrow and not walk around with their pants dragging the ground (and of course this is now the custom of many non blacks).

Part of the current flap flared up when a YouTube video of a young black comedian dissing Cosby, flat-out calling him a “rapist”, went viral on the net.

No doubt with his squeaky-clean image and his constant scolding of young black men, Cosby has become the subject of much schadenfreude.

I don’t know what to think. I’m not a big Cosby fan, but I did enjoy his TV programs and when I was a teenager I enjoyed his comedy records, especially the one where he said his parents couldn’t afford a baby sitter so they put him in a crib in the middle of the room and told him to stay there and that thousands of snakes were crawling around in the room. But poor little Cosby had a problem. “Snakes I have to go to the bathroom; don’t you bite me. Well okay, maybe a snaky lick.” (Despite the quote marks maybe not exactly the wording of the joke, but something like that.)

If that were his only problem now. He was in the process of making a big splash comeback on the entertainment scene in his old age. Now several projects have been cancelled either by him or by producers/sponsors or all concerned.

Cosby is either getting a deserved payback or is subject to a terrible injustice. But his silence is not much of a defense.


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