I’m back; Romney out (maybe) but who’s in? Free speech but with consequences…

Wow! It’s been ages since I posted. For one thing, I lost my password and had a hard time resetting a new one for some reason. And then I do have to make a living at my real work. But I love to post. So much to talk or write about. Mostly I talk of politics and current events and such, but sometimes I go off in another direction.

Been studying Spanish by way of using what I learned in school way back when and from what I have learned on my job as a truck driver and what I picked up in Spain last Fall. I want to go back to Spain but this time I want to really speak Spanish — you know beyond ordering vino tinto and saying mucho gusto when I meet someone — really.

But on to current events:

I was surprised Mitt Romney dropped out of the race for president. I know he is a serial loser but it seems to me he is the only one who would stand a chance among such a crowded field of know nothings and light weights in the Republican Party (well Chris Christie may not literally be a lightweight). But perhaps someone will emerge.

I’ll just say here and now I am not at all excited about a Hillary candidacy and unless the Republicans really shoot themselves in the foot — like nominating a Sarah Palin type for vice president or president or a goof like Rick Perry (I mean, sorry, he comes off like that), I think she would be vulnerable. For some reason she puts off a lot of bad vibes. And then there is the idea she would be the first woman president. Well that is a powerful thing, but then again there was the novelty of a first black president (no not Bill Clinton), but somehow the novelty of Obama wore off quick. But even so he has done a reasonably good job and maybe even a stellar job in some areas. But the Republicans made themselves look so silly and irresponsible with all the characters who ran in the primary last time.

Well it’s too late for this advice since Mitt has dropped out (or has he? he has left the door open just a little, like maybe he wants them to beg him to run), but if he were to run or would have run, I would say lose the designer jeans and don’t try so hard to be an ordinary Joe — you’re not. We don’t expect you to be. But do try to think about the little people a little. And don’t say crazy things like the way to solve the immigration issue is to let people “self deport” themselves. I mean, yeah, it would be more efficient if criminals “self arrested” themselves, but really.

But a real matchup would be Hillary Clinton vs. Condoleezza Rice.

Oh, and all the time I was locked out of my own blog I wanted to comment on the I am Charlie thing over in France where so-called Islamic extremists murdered some satirists. I say hooray for freedom of speech, but just because you have a right to it does not mean there are not consequences. So before you go poking fun at people you better make sure it’s worth it. Even the Pope said as much. He said something to the effect that if one of his bishops insulted his mother he’d sock him.

Nonetheless we can’t put up with these terrorists threatening our way of life here in the West.

And like I said in one of my posts before I locked myself out of my own blog, maybe George W. was right: we are at war with terror — we have to be, or it will win. The strategy in this war is the difficult part.












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