Likely presidential candidate Christie panders to ignorance…

And so Chris Christie  (Republican governor of New Jersey) is pandering to the no-shots-for-their-kids crowd during this current measles epidemic.

And he wants to be president of the United States.

He says his kids got their shots and he and his wife thought it a good idea but parents should have some say.

Well to a degree I would say yes, parents should have some say.

But there are limits.

The kids have a right to be protected and so does the general public.

I don’t know where this no-immunization hysteria came from. Well, yes, I guess it was from some misguided reporting many years ago that suggested that some of those immunizations might lead to autism. Since then, as I understand it, all that has been disproven or at least no real evidence could be found such was so.

Research is only as good as the methodology used and maybe the actual numbers tested.

But I am always in wonder about this parents not getting their children immunized thing.

I was born into that crowd who were the first children to get the polio vaccinations. I was in first grade and those needles looked humongous. When I was older they went to sugar cubes.

Don’t recall anyone questioning all that. And certainly no one wanted to get or have their kids contract polio.

And when my wife and I had two children we would never have considered not getting them vaccinated.

As a former journalist, I think the field of journalism ought to be more careful in reporting all this medical research. The problem is everything is summarized these days. Most news comes in sound bites. And of course most journalists are not doctors — they are at the mercy of the medical field and sometimes fall for poor research.

But of course the public at large has a responsibility to keep informed and make informed decisions. Not getting your children vaccinated because you heard it was dangerous is not a good excuse. If you’ve actually done some research yourself, at least enough to determine the validity of your sources, then maybe such a profound decision against vaccinations might have a basis.

But Christie was just pandering to ignorance I believe.




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