We have no choice but to fight the war on terror, tactics the question

In a recent blog post I speculated on whether George W. Bush might have had the right idea after all when he declared a war on terror, although I questioned his tactics.

But now with the attacks on free speech in the West by ISIS on Western soil, first France, and now Denmark, I would say it does not matter. Whether we like it or not we are in a global war on terror unless we want to submit to the demands of ISIS and/or other such terror groups.

The only question is tactics.

I don’t have an answer — and really who does?

I have no doubt that ISIS has already attained some form of victory. I even heard a European journalist admit he thinks twice before making comments about Islam or I presume ISIS itself.

There is a question as to whether ISIS and other such groups really represent any form of the religion of Islam or whether they just use the religion as a shield, or bludgeon as the case may be. But whatever, you can’t talk about one without the other.

Moslems in the West it seems to me ought to make it more plain where they stand. It is an inconvenience for them but what about the rest of us who want to protect our way of life? Or our life period.

The next president of the United States should not be full of bluster, but he or she must make it plain nonetheless that we in the West will do what is necessary to protect our free and democratic society.

Drawing lines in the sand and then stepping back won’t do. Don’t threaten, just do.





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