Civilization breaks down in Ferguson, Mo.

Was just reading about the shooting of two police officers overnight in Ferguson, Mo. Fortunately it looks like the officers’ wounds were not life threatening, although one was actually shot in the face near an eye.

And this comes after, after mind you, the police chief turned in his resignation.

This happened during a demonstration in front of the police station in which stories indicated protesters were mostly peaceful, but not altogether, and in which protestors even fought among themselves.

It seems as though civilization has broken down in that town. I’m glad I don’t live there and wonder who would want to. Of course poverty and life circumstances offer some no choice I suppose.

All of this as everyone knows is the result of the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman a few months ago. The black youth had just pulled a strongarm robbery (for a box of cigars) from a convenience store and then was walking down the middle of a street with some others when he was confronted by the policemen. Some reports said the officer knew of the robbery some said he did not. But it was reported that the officer was ordering the youth not to walk in the middle of the street. The youth did not cooperate with the officer and one version (the accepted one I think) says he struggled with the officer and then he was shot. The officer was cleared of wrongdoing. But the city of Ferguson, run by whites, was not. The federal Justice Department has found the place to be corrupt, with the police department fining people simply to jack up revenue (not a new idea for small town police departments).

I’m wondering, though, at this early juncture, if whoever fired those shots last night was not some outside agitator, white or black, who simply for some demented reason wanted to stir the pot of anger.

Also, about the shooting of blacks by white officers. It seems that over the past few months we keep getting these reports — and it is not always black victims.

But a big problem is how police handle detentions of citizens. Why is deadly force used so often?

I had meant to do a post on this before last night’s incident.

I mean if someone, say, only has a knife, why does an officer fire a weapon. I mean in many cases, just back off — especially if other officers are around. There has to be some alternative to deadly force.

But now I have gone into a different subject and have run out of time…


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