Obama offers peace for our time; where have we heard that before?

President Obama seems to be offering peace for our time much as Neville Chamberlain did back before Hitler completely ignored him and proceeded to try to take over the world — and came a little too close at times to doing it.

Obama proclaims our negotiators (along with those of other Western powers) have reached a breakthrough with Iran that will stop it from plowing ahead with its program to build a nuclear weapons arsenal.

It should go without saying that even though many other nations have nuclear weapons most of them are not actively or openly threatening war. But Iran’s leaders have time and again called for wiping Israel off the face of the earth. And Iran is supporting armed insurrections in the Middle East.

It would be nice if news of a real breakthrough were true.

But so far the news is that Iran seems to have agreed to a bunch of things (even that is hazy) but one major thing it has not agreed to is unlimited inspections to make sure it is abiding by the no-nuclear arms agreement.

Iran gets to keep thousands of reactors and we are just supposed to take its word that it is just trying to run the lights.

I hate to quote the late President Ronald Reagan, but quote I will: “trust but verify”. That’s what he said when negotiating for a nuclear arms treaty with the old Soviet Union.

Certainly I am no war hawk. I want peace. But it sure looks like the United States is dealing from a position of weakness here.

We won the Cold War by not backing down. Even though we lost the hot war in Vietnam (a proxy war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union) by default — we gave up — we did wear down the Soviet Union, who eventually met its own Vietnam in Afghanistan (and why are we there now — please don’t ask).

Don’t get me wrong, I think the negotiations with Iran are a good thing. Keep ’em talking I say. But we have to be strong and let them know it is not a deal unless we have free and unfettered inspections. Without the ability to inspect anywhere and anytime there is no real way to be sure Iran is abiding by the agreement.

Hopefully we do have intelligence that will help, but I would not count on that. Our track record has not been good.

There is a delicate art of being strong but avoiding public drawings of lines in the sand. Obama has already fallen prey to that in Syria where he told the regime there that if it used chemical weapons he would attack — he did not.

I just don’t think we are there yet with Iran. Even so I would applaud improved relations with that nation.

Peace beats war except when a belligerent uses the peace as a cover before it pounces on the weak.

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