So who will run against Hillary? Republicans need a woman…

Now that Hillary Clinton is making her run for president official, I’m wondering who the Republicans will put up against her — if they wanted to be clever they’d put up a woman. But I don’t think they have anyone available (well there is someone — I get to that in the last paragraphs). I’m not sure they even have any men available.

(I once thought Condoleezza Rice might run or the GOP might draft her, but I think she has no interest in elective office — she is quite private in her lifestyle.)

To me Jeb Bush is an enigma. I read a recent Time Magazine piece about him while at my dentist office but now I can’t seem to recall what I read. I think I got the impression he is smarter than his brother George W., but, gee anyone is that.

But Jeb Bush is a Bush and that family is connected with the presidency, having produced two so far. So even though Jeb is still largely an unknown to most in the U.S., or maybe I should say everyone who does not live in Florida, where he has served as governor, his family is known.

The other names mentioned in the Republican field of candidates are pretty much unknowns as far as I can see. Well there is the clown Perry from Texas who ran before and couldn’t remember what he was supposed to say. I know, I know, it could happen to anyone. But anyone is not running for president.

Lots of Buzz about Rand Paul. I think he may be some kind of Republican-Libertarian hybrid — interesting but possibly too far out of the mainstream for the bulk of the electorate.

And it seems strange that there does not seem to be anyone but Hillary on the Democratic side. But it’s all about the money and the Clintons know how to raise it.

(And it just occurred to me that since it is hard for one political party to hold the White House after two terms, some potential Democrats would rather not waste the money, or, better put, their potential donors don’t want to waste money.)

Hillary is battling the image of being cold and aloof, although people reportedly say in person she is, well, quite personable. But  she is not going to have time to meet each voter in person.

Right now it seems it will be Clinton vs. Bush (and I am terrible at these predictions).

With Clinton we have a known — kind of. I guess people will think Bill Clinton politics. I mean even though Hillary has been in politics all her life (much of her 67 years anyway), she was only in elected office, as a U.S. senator from New York, where she had grabbed a residency just in time to run for office, a relatively short time. I don’t even know what she did in office except vote for the war in Iraq. And then when she lost the presidential election where she had it made because she would be the first woman president and then Barack Obama came along and trumped her as being the first black man to be president, she was given the post of Secretary of State as a consolation prize. And she was not in that job terribly long either.

As for Jeb. It remains to be seen. I know he likes to be thought of as a conservative, but the ultra conservatives seem to think he’s a liberal at heart.

Hillary would not be able to grab the teabaggers’ vote, but neither might Jeb.

And a comment from one caller into a talk show on the radio does not in and of itself reflect wide thinking — but a guy I heard said he is a disaffected Republican and that he might vote for Hillary. He called himself a conservative.

Hillary is seen by some as liberal, but is really middle of the road, and I think the big business crowd will back her in a big way if they see a winner.

I’m not so sure that they wouldn’t have more faith in her than Jeb.

I mean brother George was not a thinker but was their lackey. Jeb by all accounts is a thinker. But the powers behind the scenes who wield the money and influence might be concerned he might think too much.

I just wish we had a wider variety of smart people who are not so ideologically rigid running.

With Clinton and Bush we might have two opposing candidates who are indeed intelligent and not ideologically rigid — we just need a wider field.

The GOP really ought to seek out a strong female candidate.

Come to think of it, there is Carly Fiorina. The Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard has announced her intentions to run for the presidency and has already taken jabs at Hillary, saying among other things that a record of doing things is more important than speeches. I am not up to speed on what Fiorina has done, except I recall some controversy about her stewardship at HP.

What little I know of her I don’t care for, but what a fight that might be —

Girl fight! Girl fight!

I know, that was sexist. But that’s what they used to yell in high school when two young ladies got into it — which was not very often.



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