Hillary has one big liability, Bill; it’s all about the connections…

Hillary Clinton has one big liability in her run for president — at least as far as I see it. That liability is Bill Clinton, her husband.

Mr. Clinton was probably a good president, at least right up until the time he let his sleazy sex appetite take center stage.

All the bad publicity from his sexual shenanigans did nearly irreparable damage to the progressive cause.

It’s not so much what he did in private as the fact he did not make sure it stayed in private. Then again if some of the rumors are true, maybe it is also what he did in private. I mean not just his cavorting with Monica Lewinsky, but reports that he would pull woman aside and grope them. I’m a guy, but I know there are men who do this — sometimes quite publicly. I mean in the guise of that touchy-feely type social interaction, their hands go crazy. It’s just their way, you know…

Then we have Hillary who puts up with it all (well maybe she does toss a plate at him once in a while) because she wants to stay hitched to a political star. Yeah that really helps the cause of women’s equality.

We could surely do worse than Hillary, and in the end she may be the only candidate to vote for, as opposed to the ultra reactionary Republicans.

But if the Republicans could go back to the party they once were before the modern-day know-nothing element gained such traction that even moderates have to kowtow to them, Hillary would likely have a run for her money.

They say Bill’s getting increasingly old and feeble. I’m no spring chicken myself, and I have empathy for him, the getting old that is. I just hope that he stays in the rocking chair and sits this one out.

And then there is the whole idea of the Clintons in the White House.

That pair have all those connections, some with questionable people. Its’ all about connections. Bill introduces someone to a head of state somewhere, a dictator who wants to oversee democratic elections elsewhere (I know makes little sense), and that someone gets an exclusive mining contract, and the Clinton Foundation gets a big donation for charitable causes, but of course somehow the Clintons benefit from their work in the charity — and now they even have daughter Chelsea in on it all.

And then there is Republican Jeb Bush. His family has made their fortune on connections. Not business acumen, but connections.

And then there is the cast of narrow-minded opportunists, looking for the hot button issues to excite the ignorant-by-choice voters.

But somewhere in all of this there may be a decent candidate or two. In our system it almost has to be either a Democrat (and this time around that seems only to mean Hillary) or a Republican.

We want someone keen on domestic issues — I mean what can the president do for us? But reality dictates we need someone who is also well versed on foreign affairs — we still are the world’s superpower — and woe be on to us if we lose that status.


I realize Bill Clinton is said to have some special aura about him. I have even heard the rabid right pay homage to that. I liked him okay once upon a time. That has kind of faded.



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