Rubio didn’t have my vote anyway — but he really does not now…

I wasn’t intending to vote for presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida anyway, but something I heard him say in an interview convinced me there is no use listening to the likes of him (or is that he?).

He chooses short-term economics over dealing with the real problem of climate change, a problem he even admits is occurring.

If I understood him correctly, he seems to feel that while yes climate change is a fact, it is not clear whether it is nothing more than the natural evolution of the climate — that is the climate has been changing all the time. He does not see the notion that human activities have had an effect on the climate as fact. He thinks that proposals to deal with man-made climate change would be too detrimental to our economy.

Well, not being a scientist, I pretty much have to go on what scientists say. I think I am correct in saying that while it may not be unanimous among scientists, the overwhelming view among most is that human activities are indeed part of the cause of climate change.

While I would certainly agree we can’t just stop everything and go back the Stone Age, at the same time we would not be good stewards of our dear earth if we did not something to deal with the problem. And we are. Whether we can act fast enough or do enough to save our existence is open to question and debate. Scientists are not unanimous on that I know.

But simply saying doing anything would screw up our economy is not leadership.

In fairness, I think he might have been saying that he thinks some proposals are too extreme and that some liberals pick up on the science and try to use it for their own political ambitions. Those are my words, my interpretation of what Rubio was saying. But I think he and others like him should not just shrug off the notion of climate change. The science seems to support the idea that human actions, such as polluting the air with carbons from industry and our internal combustion engines, is choking our planet and changing our climate for the worse.

You see, most of them started out as climate change deniers. Now I see that they say, well, yeah, there is climate change, but we really don’t know why.

No, but we have good idea, and we need to deal with it.

And if you want to inject religion into this, God made Earth, God made man. He is not going to be too happy with man if man messes all that up.



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