Hillary might need to take a page from Nixon and do a Checkers speech…

It wasn’t bribery, just a pet for his children, Nixon said in his famous Checker’s speech.



Hillary Clinton might need to make a Nixonian-style Checker’s speech to save her campaign for president.

She needs to come clean (if she can) or at least put out a believable version of the facts surrounding the flow of money into the Clinton charities and the Clinton personal fortune and the appearance of favors or bribery while she served as secretary of state, and of course while her husband was (as he always will be) a former president of the U.S.

Mitt Romney (who has already taken himself out of the running this time) said plainly: “It looks like bribery”. And that was the obvious observation anyone might have.

The only response so far from the Clinton campaign is that all of this is just part of a smear campaign from the other side (Republicans). And Hillary herself likes to observe that the Republican candidates seem to be too focused on attacking her but not so much on laying out a vision of what they would do in office. Probably so, but still, we need an explanation Mrs. Clinton.

It does not help Hillary that she wiped out emails during her tenure as secretary of state that by law and/or accepted practice she was supposed to save for the public record. It also does not help that she apparently broke a pledge to the Obama administration on full disclosure of transactions by her charity and family that involved contracts or approvals by the U.S. government.

I know she has super-expensive campaign experts, but I would tell her for free: just buy some air time and explain all of this now and then move on and hope for the best.

Way back in the 1950s then vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon, who apparently was not exactly loved by Presidential candidate Dwight Eisenhower anyway, was in danger of being dumped from the election ticket over a slush fund Nixon supporters reportedly set up for him (gifts as a form of bribery).

Nixon went on television and gave the performance of his life, proclaiming at one point that the only gift he received was a little dog for his children his youngest daughter named Checkers — and vowed the family would keep the dog. He was so humble — who could not believe him? Who could not have empathy? (It’s available on YouTube — warning: it’s long).

If Richard Nixon could pull it off, surely Hillary could.


In the interests of time I have taken to leaving out background on some things, such as the current charity scandal involving the Clintons — I mean you can read all of that elsewhere. It’s in the news. I only hope that by doing so I am not guilty of spreading false stories that develop a life of their own like gossip.

Also, I have to make this observation: Even if what the Clintons have done is legal and there is no smoking gun as far as out-and-out bribery (in other words nothing to prove it in court), it’s the appearance of a lack of ethics that seems to me that is almost or actually is just as wrong. It’s hard for ethical people to make it in politics I guess.

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