Lindsay Graham wants a real fight, for the presidency and over there…

Lindsay Graham wants to be president. He also is itching to go to war in Syria and Iraq and keep up the good fight in Afghanistan. He claims the only way to keep the terrorists from coming to the USA is to fight them over there.

I think we’ve heard that one before.

Graham, a Republican U.S. Senator from South Carolina, says he is more than 90 percent certain he will officially declare his candidacy for the presidency.

I heard Graham say all of this on a video. I don’t know what the event was but it seemed something staged for him to make his pronouncements and he was almost literally bubbling all over in his enthusiasm for getting it all out. He seemed to take a quick deep breath and let the seemingly pre-scripted words, talking points if you will, flow at the cue of an announcer throwing him softballs.

Now admittedly this kind of talk does give me some excitement. I mean, really, I like to hear someone speak up for the USA and put it on the line. Wishy-washy never did do much for me. But then again, one has to regain one’s composure and think things out. I mean if you wish for war you will surely get it. I know we are in effect at war already, and what he may be saying is what I preach all the time: once you make a decision to fight, do it, and do it to win. It seems victory is something either forgotten or unattainable these days.

In all seriousness, while I admire his spirit, and he does seem to have a kind of smooth but firm Southern voice that is pleasing to the ear, I think he might be one to steer clear of. He might be just a smoother more articulate version of George W. Bush.

Bush, the guardsman who never went to war and is said to have missed his meetings, was quite the warrior upon gaining the presidency.

Graham is a colonel in the Air National Guard. He has served in the active military, the Air Force, during Desert Storm, but not overseas. He served stateside as a …. lawyer.

I imagine he’ll be a fine addition to the race for 2016. Fun to listen to that smooth rendition of Southern twang.

Maybe he could be our secret weapon against the terrorists. Yeah, we’ll sic a lawyer on them. Tie ’em up in court.

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