Republicans may have the answer to Hillary’s first-woman-president quest…

If Hillary is to be the Democratic Party nominee, then I want to see the contest be between one of the newest entrants on the Republican side, Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who worked her way up from secretary to top executive in the corporate world.

Most likely my political views more closely resemble Hilary Clinton’s than Fiorina’s, but I am not sure really, because I have not heard a lot from here yet. But she does seem to an articulate and forceful speaker, and it seems that she would offer a clear alternative to Mrs. Clinton. And like she says, she would deprive Clinton of the first-female-president issue (and others she said).

From what I have gleaned so far, Fiorina may be both right and left of corporate America on some issues, that’s because corporate America is changing its views with the times.

Like all people from the business community, she claims that she would make a good chief executive of the nation because of her business acumen and her ability to make tough decisions. Sounds good, I suppose, but I am not sure that making decisions for government of and for and by the people is the same as making them in the world of for-profit business. In the business world although the public may be your customers, you are not necessarily making decisions for their benefit. You are trying to make as much money as you can for yourself and the stockholders, if the general public benefits (by better goods and services), so much the better, but that is not your priority. As a chief executive in government you are supposed to be making decisions based primarily on what is good for the public — governments don’t or should not make a profit (and not to worry, they don’t).

Fiorina was fired from Hewlett-Packard over a merger deal she made that may have seen bad at the time but since has seemed better (I just read that, not really up on it I admit).

I want to hear more from her. I want to find out if she is up on geo politics. She claims to have been face to face with Vladimir Putin of Russia — I hope that is more than I can see Alaska from my front porch (just my little joke. I’m sure she is way more intelligent than the one who claimed that).

For some reason the pundits are calling her a long shot as opposed some others in the ever more crowded field of GOP candidates. I think the Republicans might do well to get behind Fiorina. Come the actual race it could be a classic right and left struggle.

And may the better woman win.



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