Missing when boys were boys and men were men

I don’t know if we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again, but I do miss the time when boys were boys and men were men. You know from the All in The Family theme song.

Don’t get me wrong. I am 100 percent for rights for all people no matter what their sexual persuasion: heterosexual, homosexual, and even transgender. People are people.

But in the news now is this transgender business. I don’t read much past the headlines in this. I mean I saw a headline in the New York Times opinion section calling for allowing transgender people to openly serve in the military. But I did not read on. Maybe I will later.

I’m just more comfortable in a society based on the natural fact that in our species there are males and females. What’s the difference? Well firstly, we have different plumbing — different sexual organs. In the natural way of things — I’m having to  explain this? — the male mates with the female (or visa versa, however you want to put it) and through that process new life can be formed. Now a higher power (God if you will) also included something about men being attracted to women and women being attracted to men. Through this process mating and child rearing can happen. While the idea of actual families may be somewhat a human construct — that is developed by humans themselves — it seems to have worked.

Also one of the highlights of life is or should be this attraction between the sexes. I mean it seems to make up the subject matter of most songs and even most literature in general. It is life itself.

But there are aberrations. Some people are born homosexual (gay being the common designation nowadays). And then there are men who actually feel they are not attracted to the same sex but that they are actually woman trapped in men’s bodies (okay maybe they are attracted to the same sex then. I’m already confused). And I guess it works the other way around too (men trapped in women’s bodies). And I think it is pretty well concluded that being gay or transgender is not just a bad habit but a fact of nature, albeit an aberration.

So if you have read this far you may be asking what is my point?

My point is that I accept the fact that people are born the way that they are and I accept the fact that they are basically entitled to the same rights as anyone else. But I also think the reality is that all of this is an aberration (I keep using that word). Our society has been structured to accommodate the norm. Boy becomes man. Girl becomes woman. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They get together. Along comes baby or babies and the cycle is repeated. All of this does not mean everyone lives happily ever after — that would be rather dull anyway.

I kind of wish we all could just accept people are who they are but in the process we would not have to give up our own societal norms and way of doing things. And for may part, if you are a guy and you want to turn yourself into a woman, well that’s your business. But don’t expect everyone to be excited and supportive (but hopefully those closest to you and your friends will). What I’m trying to say, and I know not very well, is that it is still a man and woman’s world, based on the splendid differences between the sexes.

Olympic star Bruce Jenner has apparently had himself turned into a woman (thanks to the marvels of modern whatever) and has felt it necessary to have himself displayed on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine (saw it on the internet like everyone else). He now wants to be known as Caitlyn.

I just think the whole thing is rather tawdry.

I mean do what you want to do Bruce, but why make a spectacle of it? I guess it’s supposed to make some kind of statement for the benefit of promoting acceptance for all transgenders. I will have to admit, all the publicity, the promotion of acceptance of gays and transgenders, with the aid of celebrities, we have endured over the past decade or so has revolutionized our society. I keep reading that the younger generations now accept all of this without question.

I grew up during the sexual revolution — more rights or I should say equal rights for women. On the whole this has been a positive. Certainly women have a lot more to offer the world than duties as homemakers. And even if they were to be only homemakers they naturally should have all the rights that men enjoy in a free society. Perhaps one of the negatives, though, is that women’s role as the rearer of children has been diminished or marginalized and there has been a break down of the traditional family. Some people may say good riddance to the traditional family unit, but not me.

One of the problems with the erosion or disappearance of the traditional family unit I think is that people lack responsibility. Children are produced but often one or both parents don’t seem to feel that sense of complete responsibility. Their life comes first. And then the children grow up and maybe without even knowing it they take on that sense that their only responsibility is to themselves for their own self enjoyment — never mind the kids that might be produced or duty to society as a whole.

Okay I got off track. I mean I’m not blaming transgender folks. I’m just saying, liberalizing our social values can be good, but things can get out of hand.

I say let people be who they are but stick with the reality that things like transgender are not the norm.

Maybe I am being selfish. I mean since I consider myself normal, at least in the sense I have been writing about, I am not considering the torment others go through, others who find themselves outcasts in society.

Yes, I am happy that society has developed more tolerance. And I suppose without a lot of hoopla about the fact that some of us are different and about how we should accept God’s children as they are this would not have come about.

But this thing with Bruce Jenner on the magazine cover, an Olympic star, well it’s all very strange…

I’m not officially religious, but it just seems like Sodom and Gomorrah to me.




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