Solve the (illegal) immigration problem by revamping arcane and archaic law…

So I was just reading a super liberal blog (the Daily Kos) and there was something about supporting immigrants. But the immigrants they were talking about were the undocumented kind, often referred to as illegal immigrants. So it is kind of disingenuous to use the term immigrant by itself — I mean there has to be a difference in meaning between immigrant (assumed legal) and someone who crosses a border to reside in another nation without permission — and not making an instant judgment about the person him or herself,  just the designation for common understanding and discussion, since all this is in the news. I’m talking about the issue of people coming across the border and availing themselves of work (that conceivably could be done by people residing here legally — but probably at higher wages and better working conditions that likely would be demanded), and more importantly, social services paid for by all of us taxpayers residing here as legal citizens.

And before you assume I am against people slipping in here to better their lives — wrong. Not necessarily anyway.

I think the problem may be that we have complex, arcane, and outmoded immigration rules. Ideally, at least as far as I am concerned, we would let almost any honest, law-abiding, and productive potential citizens in — as space permits I suppose.


UPDATE (6-6-15): In catching up with the news, reading past the headlines I skimmed during the week, I note public outcry about Disney, that most iconic of American enterprises, firing tech workers and replacing them with workers via an outsourcing firm in India, through a temporary visa program called H-1B (lots of companies do this). These workers are paid less generally than their American counterparts. To add insult to injury, the fired workers at Disney were instructed to train their replacements. Well I am in no way for that type of thing. That is separate from legal immigration.


Now I do believe that we must do our utmost to ensure those new potential citizens buy into traditional American values and would support our democratic ideals and our government. And I think there ideally should be a requirement of some mastery of the English language — other nations require that naturalized citizens learn the appropriate language.

So since mostly we are talking about people slipping over the  border from Mexico and other Latin American countries, it seems to me if we revised our immigration laws and made it easier for them to become citizens then the problem could be resolved. As for what to do about those illegals already here — well amnesty (again) is probably the only logical approach, that is amnesty that allows them to apply for legal status (and in the meantime they stay here). And I simply believe that children who have been brought here have or should have won themselves citizenship — I mean as I understand it some have never even lived (for any length) in Mexico and don’t even know the lingo back home.

Or maybe we should be demanding some type of reimbursement from Mexico for supporting so many of their own people they don’t seem to be looking after.

But having work and the ability to sustain one’s self with a minimum of government support ought to be one of the requirements for new citizens.

The agricultural sector and other industries who use illegal labor so much ought to be pushing for easier citizenship and in the meantime ought to be prosecuted for knowingly hiring illegals — and believe me, they know what they are doing.





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