Texting while driving is not worth it and indefensible — just stop it!

What is the terrible mania we have for distracted driving or why is it? Long after holding a cell phone to your ear while driving has been banned everywhere I still see people doing it all the time. I did it myself in the past but no more, although I do have a head set for hands free (and even that can be distracting). But nowadays people text, type out little messages to each other, while driving. I don’t even text standing still, mostly because my fingers or thumbs are not nimble enough to work the little cell phone keyboards — I do pretty well on a regular keyboard, though.

But this instant messaging while driving is just plain wrong and dangerous and idiotic. Nothing is that important. I mean nothing is so important that we must endanger the lives of others and ourselves.

I just read that a school bus driver in Tennessee was found to be texting while driving — a school bus driver! Two students were killed in a crash of the bus with another vehicle as a result. The driver — maybe mercifully for himself — has subsequently died of injuries from the crash. Could you imagine living with that on your conscience?

We communicate while driving primarily because we can. There are sometimes good reasons and mostly not. But it is just not worth it — I mean even hands free is questionable — although I do it.

I’m an over-the-road truck driver. When I began we had to hunt phone booths to call in, at least twice a day. And what a convenience the cell phone turned out to be. And now it is a necessity. No cell, no work.

But even so, distracted driving is impossible to defend.

Give it a rest folks and save lives — I’ll try to heed my own advice meantime.

I won’t even go into this whole mania over cell phones in which people don’t even talk to one another directly but just stay glued to their cell phones — even when going out to dinner. It’s depressing. But like I say, I won’t go into that…


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