Middle East situation defies solution; cut our losses…

My question is: Why are we re-fighting the Iraq war? I thought that was all over. We did not win, necessarily, and we did not lose, necessarily — I mean like all of these wars these days there is no winning and losing because there is no goal in the first place.

We have something like 3,000 troops still in Iraq — doing what I am not sure — and President Obama has decided to send in 450 more advisors, except they are not all actually combat advisors but I guess various security and support personnel.

But forget the just-past Iraq War (and that “Gulf War” way back), now we are into mission creep. Just there to advise folks, not direct combat.

Well as memory serves me that is how we got mired into all-out, no win war in Vietnam (I always bring up Vietnam; we never learn). We had advisors there. Then we began an air war. Then we had troops guarding the airfields and then, surprise, surprise, the enemy shot as those troops, and then we shot back, and it was off to the races. In Vietnam we got ourselves involved in a kind of civil war aided and abetted by then Communist North Vietnam and the Soviet Union. In Iraq we are in for sure a civil war, but one that also includes various terrorist groups (namely Al Qaeda and ISIS).

The truth seems rather plain to see: this is most likely an unwinnable situation unless somehow we just went all out and took things over and then stayed there till we could teach people to live in peace, and all of that seems highly unlikely and way too costly in blood and treasure.

Just like Vietnam we hate to leave after investing so much, but at some point you cut your losses or you bleed yourself dry.

So am I against our involvement in the Middle East? Mostly yes. I mean if we had leadership who knew what they were doing and could sell the idea — but we don’t. And judging from my observation so far, Democrat and Republican, we are not likely to get such leadership.

I really think the president is trying and is doing his best but it may be beyond anyone anyway.

Let’s concentrate on taking care of our own nest, and let’s keep a super-strong defense in the meantime.



It occurs to me that if we are going to get into some kind of all-out war with ISIS, then we need a strong coalition. I often refer to World War II as if we won it alone. No it was an effort of the free world.


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