Hillary moves left and Jeb gets kudos from the New York Times; who to lead the army, the king or the queen?

I should not bother to write anything here before I have my thoughts in order, but with Hillary Clinton making her official announcement for her candidacy for president (I thought she already had) and Jeb Bush to make his official announcement (almost thought he had too, it’s so confusing) I can’t resist.

I just have to note Hillary’s photo I saw on the web looks like the attack of the blue pantsuit.

She’s moving to the left in ideology (she wants to win — she can’t just be a Republican masquerading as a Democrat). Jeb, who is supposed to be smarter than his brother George (and that’s a low bar), got a nice, complimentary write-up in the New York Times. So even though he has stumbled badly so far, he may well get past that. He made a European trip and according to the Times article he impressed leaders there who had been under-impressed and maybe a little depressed by his unworldly brother.

It sure seems the contest has to be between the two. On the Republican side, despite the plethora of candidates, most of them are too narrow minded to appeal to the majority of the electorate I would think.

Hillary’s competition in her party does not have a chance for the ring I think but they are successfully pushing her to the left, and that may be their real purpose or at least value anyway.

She can win with the leftist talk because in the general election she will move a little back to the center. And in fact even in her support of the left, she hedges. For instance, she has supported the trade bill the left hates so much but now she takes a middle ground, saying that concerns of the left should be used by President Obama as a bargaining tool for the trade agreement (yeah, I’m not sure what that means either). She implies that a trade agreement could be forged that would take into account the concerns of the left and a better product would result. Bush will be seen at the center the whole time — that is the only thing that stands in his way of being nominated by his party — he is a thinker and is willing to bend or change his thinking with new evidence (or maybe just for politics’ sake), but the GOP base is my way or the highway and very reactionary these days it seems.

And while I am being off the cuff, here’s a thought: if during the final throes of the general election the threat of ISIS is on Americans’ minds I could see both women and men voting for the male. Sounds sexist I know but I’ll bet a lot of women would go for the man to be in charge (if nothing else it’s always handy to be able to blame the man). Do I, a male, feel that way? Don’t know. In times of old the armies fought for the queen. I think I would be more interested in the candidate’s politics as a whole. Certainly I want someone who could handle the commander-in-chief duties. Come to think of it, Hillary did not come out of the Benghazi incident well. I mean all the hoopla over that is mostly a red herring by the GOP, but it seems as secretary of state Hillary might have done more for security there when it had been requested, and why did she not call for the president to send in the Marines when our people were in trouble? I’m just saying it makes her appear a little weak on the defense side. And she voted for the Iraq War. But she now says she made a mistake. We cannot afford more mistakes like that. Jeb is in the clear — he didn’t have anything to do with it. His only problem is his brother did and he feels he has to defend his brother while at the same time distancing himself from some of his brother’s actions and policies.

You know? This could be an interesting race if it is to be Jeb vs. Hillary.

My advice to the candidates:


Be prepared for all kinds of questions, like the lame knowing what you know now would you still think invading Iraq was a good idea? I mean how does one answer that? We would do everything right if we knew the future or what we did not know in the past.


There’s nothing wrong with a woman wearing a dress, even a powerful woman. I’m just saying. I was going to write “lose the pants” but that I realized would not have been interpreted correctly. ARRRRRRGGGGG, the visual!


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