The prediction (not a wish): Jeb will win…

Sure, it’s just words. It’s just rhetoric. Maybe the same old, same old. But I am always a sucker for a strong political speech, and despite the description of Jeb Bush’s formal announcement for his candidacy for president I heard describing it as “low key” I thought it seemed forceful. I first watched some edited snippets, then I began to watch the full speech from C-Span, but I have to confess, due to time considerations I had to bail out. But I think I got a good flavor of it.

It did not make me a Jeb supporter — I want to see how the campaign progresses. I want to see what Hillary counters with. And wow, I would love to see an eventual debate between Jeb and Hillary. Not the kind where a moderator or people from an audience ask questions, but a formal college-like debate.

I’m writing as if they were the only two candidates. Well to me they are — at least until someone else (most likely on the Republican side) proves different.

This is the first time I’ve heard Jeb speak to any extent. Wow, he is not his big brother. He does not have the fake Texas accent and he can actually talk using normal syntax, and I did not hear any famous W. Malapropism.

I’ll make a prediction: Jeb will win.

And, again, I am not in his camp, at least not at this time.



Interesting that both Jeb and Hillary are stressing their first names, not wanting to be confused with their last names. Jeb is not his father or big brother and Hillary is not her husband. At least in Jeb’s case that would be good. And probably in Hillary’s case too.



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