Brian Williams belongs in the field of infomercials…

I was shaking my head about the decision of NBC to take Brian Williams back into their so-called news organization, even though he won’t be the anchor of the Nightly News. But if he fabricates, what use is he?

Now I realize that his real place would be to perform on those infomercials you see all the time along with the rest of the hucksters. Or maybe on those phony sweepstakes things like Ed McMahon and even Dick Clark did. I don’t think NBC does that stuff, but that’s where Lyin’ Brian belongs.

My initial observations:

IĀ can only shake may head at the news that Brian Williams, the disgraced fabricating anchor, will be returning to work at NBC, albeit not as the Nightly News anchor. It is speculated he may do something for MSNBC (lucky them).

But I mean what use is he to a bona fide news organization? He has no credibility. And he told so many lies and/or embellished so much, he can’t just say, I’m sorry, I’ll stick to the truth now. This is supposed to be grown-up stuff.

Apparently NBC has no pride and apparently the powers that be there thought it would be a better use of their money to pay him to do something than buy out his contract.

One would think there would have been some clause in his contract, much like a morals clause, that would have allowed NBC to void the thing.

But then again, broadcast news is maybe more about entertainment than real journalism. And maybe Williams still has entertainment value.

It really disgusts me though.


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